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new comma talent
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NewComma is the product of a decade long mission

Our Founding Story






new comma founding story timeline

When Kanye’s Stronger era glasses were a thing ...

We were the kids back in the late noughties who photographed our friend’s parties and filled our Facebook profiles with funky Picnik edits.

new comma founding story timeline

We became photography tutors by the age of 14

We led the Photo & Video clubs in high school with tips we learnt from a course we took at the London School of Photography.

new comma founding story timeline

We adopted a Pan-African Outlook from high school

Conversations on building a platform for creatives started in high school where we were inspired by our slogan 'Knowledge in the service of Africa.'

new comma founding story timeline

Bridging the Gap b/n Africa and the World

When we moved to the UK for uni, we started a documentary for upcoming Ghanaian talent to bridge the gap between our home and its diaspora called “The Cool Kids Project”.

new comma founding story timeline

Sustaining the Connections

Our quest to expand the documentary to other African regions revealed a lot of the pain points that informed our decision to create NewComma.


Before NewComma, there was TCKP

After two successful editions of The Cool Kids Project, there was a motivation to expand to African creative talent at large. However, it did not come to fruition as finding creatives outside of our immediate Ghanaian social circles to feature in the documentary was challenging.


The Creation of NewComma

Great African creative talent is out there, but existing social media platforms only take us so far in finding them. Bonding over this frustration revealed the need to build New Comma - a social media platform where African creatives could connect, create, learn and earn.

The Team

Natalie Narh
Chief Executive Officer
Nigel Atta-Mensah
Chief Operating Officer